MC 900 ft. Jihad

Terrorists attacked the Christo Redentor statue in Rio de Janeiro shortly after the inauguration of the new Republican US president in January, 2017. The assault destabilized the base on which the concrete and sandstone sculpture stands, causing the figure to topple over and crash down the mountain.

While the loss of life was small by the usual standards, the Brazilian government was understandably outraged. The US president, however, used the attack on “the person of Jesus, and by extension, all Christians,” to launch a full-scale ground war in the Middle East, with the stated intent of destroying any state “which supports the Islamic faith.”

Back home, the Republican Congress, working in tandem with the President and Supreme Court, instituted martial law. Additionally, while still allowing the existence of non-Christian faiths, created National Identity Cards which included a prominent symbol in the background indicating the faith of the holder. At all government buildings, separate lines were created for non-Christians, who were required to go through TSA-like screening to enter.

Most social programs were discontinued to provide funding for the war, as well as the requirements of increased security at home. Unemployed men and women were rounded up – regardless of their faith – and put to work in privatized labor camps; their children went to special “schools.”

The most controversial decision among the ruling class, though, was the announcement of plans to replace the Washington Monument with a 555′ tall stone cross, in honor of the “incontrovertible fact of the unshakable Christian faith of the Founding Fathers.”

It’s only February, people. If I’m already having dreams like this, it’s going to be a long election year.