… Then Let’s Keep Dancing

It hasn’t been the best of all possible weeks, but at least today brought one fabulous event. Some months ago I backed the Kickstarter for the final album of one of my favorite bands of all time, The Scarring Party. As a high-tier premium they offered the option of requesting that they record a cover of a song of your choice. I sold blood (not my own), scraped coins from couches, and accumulated enough filthy lucre to make the pledge.

Given that ScarPar is a an “end timey” group — specializing in music that falls somewhere in the creative space between Grand Guignol theater, Brechtian vaudeville, and Victorian punk — I selected the Peggy Lee version of “Is That All There Is.” I gave plenty of consideration to various options, but in the end decided that the numbingly cynical nature of the arrangement, along with the uncompromising bleakness of the lyrics — and of course the topic itself — made it the right choice.

They agreed, and today I received the recording, along with a very nice note. It was the right choice, indeed.

Like the man says, let’s break out the booze and have a ball, if that’s all there is.