My brain, Jan 5, 2016I finally got my much-delayed MRI today. It was in an open MRI facility, and unlike previous scans, this one had me sitting upright in a chair, shoulders squeezed between the ubiquitous white plastic surfaces. Once the machine started grinding away, all industrial thunks and high-tension hums, I let my mind go wandering. (Not that I am ever able to stop it, mind you.) My mind conjured an Egyptian pharaoh, sitting ramrod straight on his gilded throne — a Von Daniken-esque ancient astronaut ruling the known world from a high-tech mahogany and marble device. I’ve no idea why.

I wonder if anyone has created industrial ambient music from medical equipment? It seems likely. After all, I have an album composed of the various click and whirrs of obsolete IBM hard drives; “Medical Machine Music” would be the obvious title.