As I saw the new Star Wars movie yesterday — The Force Awakens, for those recently emerged from cryogenic storage — I feel a certain obligation to say something about it. It seems especially apt since I wrote at length about seeing the originals over on Hidden City.

Note that this is spoiler-free, for those who might be concerned.

  • It’s a good movie, and a worthy successor to the original trilogy in terms of style, theme, and feeling. It never felt like an extended toy commercial.
  • There were nice call-backs to the original trilogy, too, although on occasion they were almost too obviously fan-service.
  • Seeing the increase in diversity — diversity that doesn’t rely on rubber masks, anyway — was a good reminder that we’ve improved a bit as a culture since 1977.

It may have been because I was seeing it as part of an office-sponsored outing, but I wasn’t hit as hard emotionally as some people had suggested. I know I’ll be seeing it again soon, so I’ll test that hypothesis.