Illuminati spam message

What, not

I’m fairly sure that becoming famous runs against the goals of a secret society. It’s probably a Discordian honeypot, anyway. They’re using an AOL address.

The last week or so I’ve been dealing with (a) the fallout from the automotive ballet I performed in last week, (b) generally increasing ill health (but I went to the doctor today, so we’ll see where that goes), and (c) Internet idiots. As soon as I can find a source for the replacement wheel I need (2004 PT Cruisers have lots of fancy aftermarket wheels available, but not so many OEM models) I’ll have (a) resolved. Getting (b) resolved is going to take more time, as the wheels of American health care — while more efficient than they used to be — are still effectively squares. Sadly, it’s safe to assume that (c) will remain a problem as long as the bits flow.