I’ll start with the most important news. The pathology report came back on the tissue removed from my throat, and it is clear. No cancerous cells were found at all, so I get to skip the joyous experiences of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. (Of course, this also removes any chance of getting a new superpower, but hey — those things never work out in the long run, anyway.) Kudos to my otolaryngologist and his staff for getting everything scheduled quickly so we could take advantage of catching it early.

Next up, I want to express my gratitude to all of you for sending along your good thoughts, checking in on me, sending me delicious food and unexpected gifts (including a very cool journal that came without name or note), entertaining me in all manner of ways, and and even just taking the time to read this bit of fluff. I’m really a bit taken aback by the number of visitors this page has received. (I hope they aren’t all trying to sell me Chinese knock-off ED drugs.)

I want to give special thanks to the one and only Heather for doing her best to keep me alive in spite of myself — cooking boring smooth food, straightening up the Mystery House, keeping the cats away from my doped-up body so they don’t assume I’m dead and take a taste, and all the other little things that make being around her wonderful.

Up next: Neurological weirdness?